Our Story


How the Walkslide Took Its First Steps

It all began with a brilliant question by the wife of our company’s founder Paul Kahmann: “Why don’t you design something simple that we could just pull out from behind the couch and walk on while watching a TV show?”

Fortunately, she was asking the right person. Kahmann, a founder and partner in the bike trailer/jogging stroller company InStep, was able to put his many years of product design, development and fulfillment experience to good use on this innovative project. During the early stages of the design, he solicited an independent design from his son-in-law, Adam Roussopoulos, which bore some striking resemblances to his own design. The best features of both designs, enhanced by an ever-growing list of vital tweaks and additional features, eventually came together into the versatile, efficient, robust Walkslide we sell today.

We’re very proud of the Walkslide, and we’ve loved watching it take its baby steps into a ready-to-market exercise tool that anyone can use and benefit from. Whether you’re an office worker looking to keep fit and keep moving on the job or a frequent traveler seeking the ideal “gym in a suitcase,” we’re confident that you’ll say to yourself just what we did: “Why hasn’t anyone created something like this before?”