Corporate Wellness

jumpWalkslide and Corporate Wellness: A Winning Combination

Corporate wellness is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. Healthy employees take fewer sick days, facilitate more affordable health coverage, and cost less in terms of workers compensation and disability claims. And employees appreciate corporate wellness programs, meaning that workplaces experience higher levels of employee engagement, retention and morale.

The Walkslide makes a super-affordable corporate wellness tool for every employee at your organization. It’s entirely human powered, so you won’t have to worry about any impact on your utility bills. And it’ll pay for itself in next to no time.

Think about this study finding: Obese employees lost 13 times the number of workdays due to illness/injury that their non-obese colleagues did, while also incurring 7 times the medical expense. The Walkslide can help keep your employees trim and well – without missing a step at work!

Contact us today about the possibility of incorporating the Walkslide into your organization’s corporate wellness program. Remember, good health is good for business!