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How to Walk Toward Your New Year’s Resolutions

The advent of a new year is the perfect opportunity to make those changes that you know will enhance your life. If your New Year’s resolutions include a desire to lose weight, get healthier or simply establish new lifestyle habits, you may already be fretting over how to stay true to your objectives instead of just making empty promises to yourself. Here are some ways to turn those resolutions into realities.


Play it SMART. Resolving to achieve a goal isn’t enough – the goal must also be SMART. The letters in this acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. For instance, if you want to lose weight, decide on a doable number of pounds to be lost in X amount of time, choose a method that will get you there and track your progress on the scale.


Remove obstacles. Once you’ve decided on a fitness regimen to help you achieve your resolution, think about the potential obstacles and ways of working around them. If the weather in your part of the world makes daily walks uncomfortable or treacherous, have your Walkslide standing by so you can get the necessary workout in the comfort of your own home.


Enlist a partner. Everything is more fun when it’s shared, including resolutions. Do you have a relative or co-worker working toward a similar resolution? Get a pair of Walkslides and schedule your workouts together, or at least agree to keep each other honest about your progress. When you both achieve your goals, the success will feel twice as sweet!


Walking your way toward better health and/or a slimmer waistline is a resolution well worth keeping – one that help ensure that you’re around to see many more New Years. Make Walkslide the first step in your successful mission!

Walking and Cycling: Two Activities That Complement Each Other

If you’re discovering the joys of walking again thanks to your new Walkslide, you’re probably wondering what other physical activities can further enhance your newfound wellness. Walking goes beautifully with a variety of other types of exercises – including cycling. Let’s take a moment to examine how these two forms of fitness training can work together to optimize your health.

Calorie burning: Both walking and cycling burn calories to help you lose weight or keep extra pounds off. Cycling actually has the edge in this department once you develop the strength and skills to maintain a relatively zippy speed, although you can burn about as many calories by race-walking as you can on a leisurely 10-mph ride.

Bone density: Walking is a great exercise for building and maintaining bone density. This is something cycling can’t really help you with, because it requires stimulation of the bone tissue by gravitational forces. Walking stresses the bones in a way that helps ward off osteoporosis and other bone density disorders. (You can get some of this stimulation on your bike, however, by pedaling from a standing position, as you might if you were pushing yourself up a steep hill.)

Muscle development: Both walking and cycling can help you build muscles – but different muscles. Cycling does a superb job of exercising your quadriceps and gluteal muscles, and to a lesser extent the calves, as well as the hamstring on the backs of your thighs. Walking is most effective for exercising the calf muscles, hip flexors, abdominal muscles and all those little muscles that help control balance. (And when you use the resistance arms on your Walkslide, you also give your arms and shoulders a workout.)

As you can see, walking and cycling make a great team for helping you stay healthy. And best of all, they’re both fun!


Watch These Movies While You Walk

One of the greatest things about the Walkslide is its ability to let you get a healthy workout while watching your favorite films and TV shows. What could make more sense than to enhance your Walkslide experience with movies that feature walking? Here are some entertainment choices that will make your feel like you’re trekking right along with your favorite stars.

  • The Wizard of Oz – Has there ever been a more famous walk in cinema history than Dorothy’s journey along the Yellow Brick Road, aided by her faithful companions in her search for a way back to Kansas? You won’t need any ruby slippers to join the trip to the Emerald City via your Walkslide
  • Stand by Me – Take to the train tacks alongside this group of adolescents as they set out on a cross-country trek in search of the missing child. Follow the kids as they learn about themselves, think about life and generally have an amazing experience.
  • The Way – This inspiring drama stars Martin Sheen as a father who walks a Catholic pilgrimage through the Pyrenees Mountains in memory of his son, who was killed while making the same journey. You’ll walk through some amazing scenery and meet some unforgettable characters along the way.
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogyThree massive fantasy films add up to an epic story – and one heck of a walk for the short legs of a hobbit tasked with returning the evil Ring of Power to its place of making and then destroying it. You’re bound to get some serious exercise as well as some serious entertainment.The right motion picture accompaniment can turn your Walkslide into a virtual experience that goes miles beyond a passive slouch on the couch. Try it tonight and see for yourself!

Doctors Recommend Walking to Stay Well

If you bought your Walkslide to help you lose weight, you’ve definitely made a smart move; shedding excess pounds can be vitally important to your health. But walking does your body good in a variety of other ways as well – and doctors are recommending walking as an intelligent way to help maintain optimal wellness. Let’s take a look at what these experts are saying.

Dr. Andrew Weil is well known for his championing of natural roads to wellness via nutrition, exercises and other best practices. He labels walking “the best exercise” for its ability to provide a low-cost aerobic workout – but he also points out that for best results, you have to push yourself a little. This is easy to do by orienting the Walkslide mini-treadmills to create an “uphill” inclination. Dr. Weil also recommends the use of “poles” so you can get your arms into the act. (You can use your Walkslide’s resistance arms to gain this benefit.)

Dr. David Sabgir, a cardiologist, believes so strongly in the health benefits of walking that he started going on walks with his patients and even started a nonprofit called Walk with a Doc. He notes that walking can help treat or even prevent up to 40 different diseases, saying that it “does a million things” to support good health.

Dr. Aaron Michelfelder of the Stritch School or Medicine at Loyola University states that the stress-busting benefits of walking are enormous beneficial to people’s health and wellness. He explains that stress hormones accumulate in the body, raising risks for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, insomnia and other chronic ailments. Walking, he says, allows your to work off the stress, reducing stress hormones and promoting restful sleep.

The doctors have spoken, so take their advice. If you want to be well – walk!

Can Walking Help You Think?

Aristotle did it. So did Beethoven, Dickens, Thoreau, Kierkegaard and other great thinkers. What did all these geniuses have in common? They all walked regularly, sometimes for long distances, as an essential part of their lives and work. Modern medical science now agrees with their findings: Walking is good for the brain.

It’s no coincidence that so many brilliant creative individuals have made walking part of their routine over the centuries. Studies now indicate that walking improves the brain’s creative brainstorming abilities, a type of cognition called divergent thinking (as opposed to convergent thinking, which is more about focusing on a single best solution to a problem). So if you’re in regularly need of inspiration, set up the Walkslide and get to woolgathering!

Walking in specific directions or patterns can also boost your mathematical savvy. Researchers credit a phenomenon called the “congruency effect.” Turn toward the right, and your brain will do a better job with large numbers and addition; turn toward the left, and small and subtraction suddenly seem easier. The human brain loves patterns – including, apparently, the patterns you pursue on foot.

Last but not least, walking helps the aging brain. A study of 299 senior citizens found that those who walked the most has less brain shrinkage after nine years than those who walked the least. A later evaluation of the same study participants found significantly less dementia and memory trouble among the biggest walkers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that walking can prevent dementia; it might simply delay it – but even that’s more than sufficient reason to do your brain a favor by keeping up your walking habit into your senior years.

Walking is good for entire body, including the gray matter responsible for its operation. So owning a Walkslide is an even smarter move than you thought!

The Advantages of Owning Your Own “Portable Gym”

If you’ve ever seen people carrying portable exercise equipment around with them, you might think that they’re professional athletes, health instructors or just “addicted” to working out. But there are some enormous advantages to carrying your own “portable gym” around with you – especially if they’re as compact and versatile as the WalkSlide. Here are three reasons why.

  1. Access keeps you honest. How often do people cancel a daily workout because they don’t have the necessary tools on hand? Even if it’s a valid reason, it creates an interruption to their fitness regimen that can grow and grow until there is no fitness regimen. If you have a handy all-in-one fitness device that accompanies you everywhere, you’ll never have an excuse not to exercise.
  1. Gyms aren’t always there for you. Frequent travelers are usually too pressed for time (or too unfamiliar with their surroundings) to roam around a strange city in search of a workout facility. If their hotel has a workout room, it may be jam-packed with other travelers. Even in your own home town, you can’t necessarily get away from your busy life to drive to a gym, or even drive home to use your permanent home equipment. Carry a WalkSlide with you, and you’re liberated from all those hassles.
  1. You can work out in other people’s homes. When you stay at Grandma’s house for a holiday vacation, it’s a reasonable bet that you won’t find a roomful of exercise equipment awaiting you there. What better solution than to bring the portable equivalent of that roomful of equipment along with you? WalkSlide can serve the role of treadmill, Nordic skier or cross-training machine – and it’s quiet enough to ensure that you’ll be invited back.

Experience the convenience of having your own portable fitness solution. Order a WalkSlide today!

Walking Toward Weight Loss

You know you need to lose weight, and you know that exercise can play an important role in the process. But when you think of exercise, maybe the inner movie that plays in your head is an intense, “Rocky”-like workout montage. Well, good news: the truth is that exercising to lose weight can be as simple as walking on a regular basis.

It generally takes about 10,000 steps of walking a day to lose weight consistently, but you can work your way up to that level gradually. We developed the WalkSlide as an ideal tool for this purpose, since it’s so easy to use and lets you control the intensity of your workout. And if your primary concern is for your overall health, keep in mind that even 30 minutes of daily walking can reduce your risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers – all of which have been associated with obesity – while possibly extending your lifespan by up to 7 years.

Do you feel self-conscious walking for exercise out in public or among the athletic crowd at your local gym? WalkSlide provides the perfect solution by enabling you to walk as much as you want, and shed as much as weight as you want, in the privacy of your own home.

Obviously, walking isn’t the only strategy for shedding excess pounds, especially if overeating is one of the causes. (Ask your doctor about any other changes you need to make before embarking on any exercise regimen.) But the more you walk, the better you’ll feel, and the more easily and enthusiastically you can embrace your new life. Take the first step today by giving yourself an easy way to get your walking in. Contact us to learn more about how WalkSlide can accompany your journey toward a slimmer future!

Cardio? Weights? Which Fitness Routine Does What?

If you’ve decided to start a fitness routine, you’re doing your health a huge favor. But maybe you find the whole cardio vs. weight training thing confusing; which one makes more sense for your needs? Let’s look at their respective strong points.

  • Healthy heart, lungs and circulation – If you want to improve your heart muscle strength, circulation, blood pressure and lung function, you couldn’t do better than to adopt a regular cardio program of some sort. Exercises known for their cardio benefits including walking, running, swimming, jogging, aerobics, dancing, cycling – pretty much any activity that keeps your body moving and your heart pumping.
  • Muscle strength and flexibility – The prize for this category goes to weight training, of course, since this discipline is all about building your muscles and increasing their capacity for work. But bear in mind that weight training isn’t the only way to keep strong and flexible. Any exercise that poses a regular challenge to your muscles, including walking and running, can help. Weight-bearing exercises simply rely on your own body weight instead of external weights, helping you maintain limber muscles and strong bones.
  • Weight loss/management – Actually, both cardio and weight training can help you lose excess pounds and keep them off; they just achieve this goal in different ways. Cardio is better for burning lots of calories in a hurry, but as soon you finish your workout, the calorie burning is suspended. Weight training goes about it more indirectly by increasing your muscle mass. The larger your muscles get, the more calories they burn through ordinary metabolic processes. So you burn fewer calories at the outset, but you keep burning them between workouts.

Whatever regimen you go with, walking can be a valuable part of it. So get yourself a WalkSlide, and get healthy!