Doctors Recommend Walking to Stay Well

If you bought your Walkslide to help you lose weight, you’ve definitely made a smart move; shedding excess pounds can be vitally important to your health. But walking does your body good in a variety of other ways as well – and doctors are recommending walking as an intelligent way to help maintain optimal wellness. Let’s take a look at what these experts are saying.

Dr. Andrew Weil is well known for his championing of natural roads to wellness via nutrition, exercises and other best practices. He labels walking “the best exercise” for its ability to provide a low-cost aerobic workout – but he also points out that for best results, you have to push yourself a little. This is easy to do by orienting the Walkslide mini-treadmills to create an “uphill” inclination. Dr. Weil also recommends the use of “poles” so you can get your arms into the act. (You can use your Walkslide’s resistance arms to gain this benefit.)

Dr. David Sabgir, a cardiologist, believes so strongly in the health benefits of walking that he started going on walks with his patients and even started a nonprofit called Walk with a Doc. He notes that walking can help treat or even prevent up to 40 different diseases, saying that it “does a million things” to support good health.

Dr. Aaron Michelfelder of the Stritch School or Medicine at Loyola University states that the stress-busting benefits of walking are enormous beneficial to people’s health and wellness. He explains that stress hormones accumulate in the body, raising risks for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, insomnia and other chronic ailments. Walking, he says, allows your to work off the stress, reducing stress hormones and promoting restful sleep.

The doctors have spoken, so take their advice. If you want to be well – walk!