The Advantages of Owning Your Own “Portable Gym”

If you’ve ever seen people carrying portable exercise equipment around with them, you might think that they’re professional athletes, health instructors or just “addicted” to working out. But there are some enormous advantages to carrying your own “portable gym” around with you – especially if they’re as compact and versatile as the WalkSlide. Here are three reasons why.

  1. Access keeps you honest. How often do people cancel a daily workout because they don’t have the necessary tools on hand? Even if it’s a valid reason, it creates an interruption to their fitness regimen that can grow and grow until there is no fitness regimen. If you have a handy all-in-one fitness device that accompanies you everywhere, you’ll never have an excuse not to exercise.
  1. Gyms aren’t always there for you. Frequent travelers are usually too pressed for time (or too unfamiliar with their surroundings) to roam around a strange city in search of a workout facility. If their hotel has a workout room, it may be jam-packed with other travelers. Even in your own home town, you can’t necessarily get away from your busy life to drive to a gym, or even drive home to use your permanent home equipment. Carry a WalkSlide with you, and you’re liberated from all those hassles.
  1. You can work out in other people’s homes. When you stay at Grandma’s house for a holiday vacation, it’s a reasonable bet that you won’t find a roomful of exercise equipment awaiting you there. What better solution than to bring the portable equivalent of that roomful of equipment along with you? WalkSlide can serve the role of treadmill, Nordic skier or cross-training machine – and it’s quiet enough to ensure that you’ll be invited back.

Experience the convenience of having your own portable fitness solution. Order a WalkSlide today!

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