Cardio? Weights? Which Fitness Routine Does What?

If you’ve decided to start a fitness routine, you’re doing your health a huge favor. But maybe you find the whole cardio vs. weight training thing confusing; which one makes more sense for your needs? Let’s look at their respective strong points.

  • Healthy heart, lungs and circulation – If you want to improve your heart muscle strength, circulation, blood pressure and lung function, you couldn’t do better than to adopt a regular cardio program of some sort. Exercises known for their cardio benefits including walking, running, swimming, jogging, aerobics, dancing, cycling – pretty much any activity that keeps your body moving and your heart pumping.
  • Muscle strength and flexibility – The prize for this category goes to weight training, of course, since this discipline is all about building your muscles and increasing their capacity for work. But bear in mind that weight training isn’t the only way to keep strong and flexible. Any exercise that poses a regular challenge to your muscles, including walking and running, can help. Weight-bearing exercises simply rely on your own body weight instead of external weights, helping you maintain limber muscles and strong bones.
  • Weight loss/management – Actually, both cardio and weight training can help you lose excess pounds and keep them off; they just achieve this goal in different ways. Cardio is better for burning lots of calories in a hurry, but as soon you finish your workout, the calorie burning is suspended. Weight training goes about it more indirectly by increasing your muscle mass. The larger your muscles get, the more calories they burn through ordinary metabolic processes. So you burn fewer calories at the outset, but you keep burning them between workouts.

Whatever regimen you go with, walking can be a valuable part of it. So get yourself a WalkSlide, and get healthy!

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