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Our Video

Why WalkSlide? The Challenge: Develop an easy-to-use, quiet exerciser for the whole family – that anyone can use while enjoying their favorite in-home activities. The Solution: WalkSlide, combining a treadmill, cross-trainer and Nordic Skier – in one, family-friendly workout! With the WalkSlide, you don’t have to give up your favorite at-home activities while you workout…instead, turn your downtime into wellness time, because… You can use WalkSlide while you…

  • Watch TV (non-electronic)
  • Play Video Games (fun & exercise!)
  • Talk on the phone (whisper-quiet!)
  • Reading your tablet (read emails, play on the Internet)
  • Work in your office – even talk on the phone!
  • All without missing a beat in your busy, on-the-go life!

Feature and Benefits

  • Two Heavy-dutyshock-absorbing mini-treadmills
  • Tension-controlled resistance arms
  • Fully adjustable handles
  • Shock-absorbing, no impact
  • High density, high-impact polypropylene
  • Up to 300-lbs capacity
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Free Walkslide Booties to wear over tennis shoes


Just like walking, Walkslide can help you:

  • Lose Weight
  • Tone & shape
  • Improve Heart Health
  • Build Bone Mass
  • Burn Fat Quickly
  • Improve Balance

Personal Stories

Author Picture

“I recommend Walkslide to many of my patients to help with recovery and to maintain a healthy weight their entire lives.”
-Mike S.

Mike S.   
Author Picture

“ As an athletic trainer, it’s always a great idea to include both concentric and eccentric contractions in your strength-training…and that’s just what Walkslide delivers!
-Jim K.

Jim K.   
Author Picture

"Losing weight at work was easy thanks to Walkslide"
-Martha R.

-Martha R.   
Author Picture

"Watching TV, losing weight couldn’t be easier"
-Paul K.

-Paul K.   

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